We made the tree change from the outskirts of Melbourne ten years ago, and we haven’t looked back!  We have always had a passion for the land, and a desire to grow our own produce.

We now have three young sons who love growing up on our farm! They can’t wait until harvest time, when they can “help” pick berries with us! We are so pleased to say that when we ask our kids where food comes from and how it’s made, the answer isn’t just “the supermarket”!

We believe in good old fashioned hard work, combined with science, and it has always been our aim to minimise machinery use. Through our plantation design, companion planting, plant spacing and manipulation aided by monitoring , the intervention and application of synthetic products on our crops has been kept in check. We hope to further embrace permaculture practices on our farm in the future.

Northern Slopes Plantation has been a work in progress over the last 5 years. Originally established as an essential oil production site we soon found, despite ample undulations for drainage, that water retention over the cooler months was an issue.  

In 2012 a few acres of blueberries were planted, with two varieties of Raspberries planted at present. In early 2017 we will release the first vintages of our new wines:

BLACKBERRY: One of the best agin of all fruit wines, a low acid wine what has a rounded smooth flavour, a bit like a good merlot!

BLUEBERRY: The sun ripened blueberries give this wine a beautiful deep purple colour, with just a hint of red. This medium bodied wine has a strong acid and low sugar structure. 

Our team

Timo Ploschke

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Emily Ploschke

Berry taste testers!